Node block height 0
Currently mining block 0
Block Reward 10.0045 IXI
Connected Miners 0 (1 workers)
Pool Fee 1 %
Payment Interval 1 hour after reward maturity
Total Payments 142,143,871.2827 IXI
Pool Difficulty
Pool Hashrate 1h/s

How do I get started?

You'll need an Ixian Wallet Address and Ixian mining software.
The fastest way to get the wallet address is by using Spixi or Ixian LiteWallet.
Remember to backup your wallet!
You can choose most suitable mining software for you below. If you're new, we recommend using IxiWatt Easy Miner.

Pool Address:

IxiWatt Easy Miner for Windows

Latest release of IxiWatt can be found on

Official CPU only miner

Latest release of Official CPU miner can be found on

IxianMiner command
IxianMiner.exe --pool --wallet YOUR_WALLET --worker YOUR_WORKERNAME

Make sure you replace YOUR_WALLET with your Ixian wallet address and YOUR_WORKERNAME with a name for your mining rig.

Failover Configuration

To add a second Ixian Pool as Failover, simply add --pool2 "FAILOVER POOL ADDRESS" to your IxianMiner command. For example: --pool2

CPU/GPU Miner made by Bogdan Adnan

Latest release of Bogdan Adnan's Ixian miner and instructions can be found on

When are payments sent?

Beginning with the Ixian Omega consensus upgrade, all miner rewards require 960 blocks (aprox 8 hours) to mature and be accepted before they are credited to the pool wallet.
The pool sends payments to miners every hour for all rewards that have matured.


Support for the pool is offered on the Ixian discord channel.